Garden Products & Sundries

Based in Melton Mowbray & serving the UK

One-stop shop for all types of garden products

Do you operate a nursery and need excellent garden fertilisers? Or maybe you want quality compost? Cem-Spec Ltd can supply both and more. Our company provides a wide range of garden products at reasonable prices. From garden fertilisers to grass seeds, you can rely on us for fine garden supplies.

Bespoke sundries at cost-effective prices

We stock a wide range of products to help with DIY projects or small scale constructions. For more information or advice, feel free to talk to us. We are based in Melton Mowbray and our services are available throughout the UK. We are a reputable supplier of building materials and can cater to all your supplies, quickly and efficiently.

Our range of garden products & sundries include:

top soil

Lawn Care

Autumn Lawn Food: 365sq meters
Feed and Weed: 365sq meters
Feed and Weed: + Moss Killer 365sq meters
Lawn Sand: 180sq meters
Grass Seed: (with rye) 25kg zero vat
Grass Seed: (without rye) 25kg zero vat



Potato: 50 kg
Dried Blood: 20 kg
Hoof and Horn: 20 kg
Bonemeal: 25 kg
Fish, Blood & Bone: 25 kg
John Innes Base: 25 kg
Growmoor Granular: 25 kg
Epsom Salts: 25 kg
Nitrate of Soda: 25 kg
Nitrate-Chalk: 25 kg
Sulphate of Ammonia: 25 kg
Sulphate of Iron: 25 kg
Sulphate of Potash: 25 kg


Superphosphate: 25 kg
Rose Food: 25 kg
Chrysanthemum: 25 kg
Vitax Q4: 25 kg
Potting Grit: small & large
Silver Sand: small & large
Sharp Sand: small & large
Ground Lime: small & large
Hydrated Lime: mini & large
Perlite: 5ltr
Vermiculite: 5ltr
Organic Pelleted Manure: 8 kg tub - 20 kg bags
Garrotta Compost Maker: 10 kg



Clover - Multi Purpose: 20ltr, 40ltr & 75ltr
Clover - Ericaceous: 40ltr & 75ltr
Clover - Pott-Bedding: 75ltr
L&P - Multi Purpose: 40ltr & 75ltr
L&P - Ericaceous: 40ltr & 75ltr
John Innes: 1, 2, 3, Seed 25ltr
Growell Growbags: 4 Plant
LandP Growbags: 3 Plant
Peat (Large Bale): 100ltr approx
Peat (Giant Bale): 200ltr approx
Bark Chips: 80ltr
Garden Manure: 40ltr


Garden Canes

3ft 6 to 8lbs 500
4ft 18 to 20lbs 250
5ft 18 to 22lbs 250
6ft 22 to 26lbs 125
7ft 28 to 32lbs 125
8ft 40 to 46lbs 125
slug pellets

Slug Killer

An environmental product: 450 g
Methealdehyde: 200g shaker Pack
Agricultural use only: 15 kg

plastic bags and bin


Clear poly sheeting: (multi-fold) 4 metre wide
Bin liners: 18 x 29 x 39
Rubble sacks: 480 x 760 x 80
Bleach: box x 4
Washing up liquid: box x 4
Pine disinfectant: box x 4
Creosote: dark and light
Traditional creosote: (professional use only)
Paraffin: (VAT 5%)